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Plan a Memorable Stay At Our Cabo San Lucas Resort

Immersed in the beauty and vibrant culture of the Baja California Sur, Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa is a destination all its own. Get all the FAQs about our stunning oceanfront resort, from how to get here to what to pack to enjoy the sunny weather. Plan the perfect vacation at Playa Grande and experience one of the world's most enchanting destinations.
  • Cabo San Lucas is located at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula in the State of Baja California Sur. Cabo is approximately 1,000 miles south of San Diego, California at a longitude 10 degrees south of the Tropic of Cancer and a latitude of approximately 22 degrees. Los Cabos International Airport is approximately 20 miles to the northeast.
  • Los Cabos is the county that includes the cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Los Cabos is located in the State of Baja California Sur.
  • Los Cabos is accessible by air from most major cities in the United States and Mexico. Airlines serving Los Cabos International Airport include Aeromexico, , Alaska Airlines, US Airways, American Airlines, Spirit, Continental, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier, Sunwing, West Jet, Virgin America, Sun Country, Air Transat, Volaris, Interjet, Viva Aerobus and various charter flights domestic and International.
  • No special permits or bonds are needed, unless you plan to continue on to Mexico's mainland. You will need a valid drivers license issued by your state of residence. Do not drive in Mexico without insurance. While you are purchasing insurance, get a map that shows the locations of gas stations. Keep your gas tank as close to full as possible, even if it means extra stops. You never know when the next gas station will be. The roads are generally safe, but narrow by U.S. standards. Be extra careful. The corridor connecting Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo is a modern four-lane highway with adequate lighting.
  • The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18.
  • Los Cabos and Baja California Sur are located in the Mountain Time Zone. The time changes here whenever Daylight Savings Time changes.
  • Los Cabos offers public bus service between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo all day, every day of the week. Buses run until 9:30 or 10:00 PM. There are official bus stops, with seats and shade. The buses only run on the main highway and pass each stop (approximately) every twenty minutes. The fare is around 35 pesos (about $3 U.S.) between the two towns, less if you're going part way.
  • Parking is free at the Playa Grande Resort.
  • We have a shuttle From the airport to the hotel available at the time of the arrival of your flight. For the return to the airport, the transportation departure times are pre-assigned. Round trip the cost is $42 and one way is $21.

About Solmar Hotels & Resorts

  • There is a shuttle service you can use to travel between Grand Solmar Land's End, Solmar All Inclusive, Playa Grande and The Ridge Resorts. It's free, convenient and operates throughout the day and evening.
  • Grand Solmar Lands End Resort Spa guests have access to all Solmar Hotels & Resorts beaches and facilities.* The Ridge Luxury Villas guests can also access Playa Grande and Solmar All Inclusive facilities.* Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa guests enjoy access to the Solmar All Inclusive resort.* * Meals or beverages are not included.
  • There are taxis available at all Solmar Hotels & Resorts. Ask the bellboy to get one for you. Check the current taxi fares posted in the motor lobby. Taxi fares are higher for taxis at a taxi stand than if you flag one down on the street.
  • Free parking and valet service is available at Solmar Hotels & Resorts for guests who rent cars or bring their own vehicles.
  • During your stay, you can leave your bill open and sign for drinks and meals, shop at the convenience store and the boutiques, visit the spa and even book tours. All purchases are charged to your bill. At the end of your stay you can settle with cash (US dollars or Mexican pesos), travelers checks or Visa, Master Card or American Express credit cards. Personal checks or Discover cards are not accepted.
  • If you will need a crib or high chair, please email your resort prior to travel. Availability is limited and extra charges may apply.
  • You can arrange for childcare through the Concierge. 24-hour advance notice is required. Please ask for the cost per hour and per child.
  • All Solmar Hotels & Resorts have convenience stores carrying a selection of imported and Mexican goods. The stores are open daily and offer snacks, deli products, and assorted grocery items. You'll also find soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits, as well as household goods, souvenirs and a drugstore counter.
  • The official currency in Mexico is the Mexican peso. Dollars are also accepted in Cabo San Lucas but not outside the tourist areas. You can exchange your US dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros, Pounds and travelers checks for pesos at banks and the bureau de change. US and Canadian dollars and travelers checks can also be exchanged at the Front Desk of your resort. Money exchange is available at your hotel from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • All banks provide cash advances and most have ATM machines for after hours cash.
  • The official language in Mexico is Spanish although English is widely spoken, especially in resort areas.
  • 110 volts. We recommend you bring a voltage converter with you if you are using 220 volt devices.
  • Waiters generally receive 15% and sky caps and bell-boys $2 US per bag. The suggested daily tip for the maid who cleans your room is $3 US for a Master Suite and $2US for a Suite and $5 US for a Penthouse.
  • Check with your service provider in your country before departure to make sure you have international coverage.
  • Los Cabos offers public bus service between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo all day, every day of the week. Buses run until 9:30 or 10:00 PM. There are official bus stops, with seats and shade. The buses only run on the main highway and pass each stop (approximately) every twenty minutes. The fare is around 35 pesos (about $3 U.S.) between the two towns, less if you're going part way.
  • Average winter air temperature: 50 to 80º F Average summer air temperature: 70 to 100º F Coldest months: December and January Average annual rainfall: 10 inches Average Sea of Cortes water temperature: 72º F The Pacific Ocean side of Los Cabos is generally 10º F cooler than the Sea of Cortés side. The average year-round temperature is 78 F. During the high tourist season, October to April, the temperature is typically 80 F during the day and cools to the 60's at night. In the low season, May to September, the temperature will go up to 100+F during the day and stay in the upper 70's and low 80's in the evening. The average year-round water temperature in the Sea of Cortez is 72F. During the summer months the water temperature can reach the mid 80's. The climate is arid with over 300 days of sunshine, with some reports of over 350 days. Most rainfall occurs during the months of September and October
  • Cool, light colored cotton clothing and a pair of comfortable shoes are recommended if you are planning to explore the area. You will need trousers and long-sleeved shirts for jungle treks. Pack a light jacket or sweater or a shawl for the evenings, especially in the winter. A hat, sunglasses and plenty of sun block are indispensable.
  • When flying into Mexico, a Tourist Card (FMT) is required. To obtain a Tourist Card, you will need proof of citizenship. A passport is requiring for this purpose. The necessary forms will be provided by the airline. The Government of Mexico requires that all U.S. citizens present proof of citizenship and photo identification for entry into Mexico. All travelers traveling to Mexico must have a valid passport.
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